Action Bronson

Action Bronson

Venue: The Observatory-North Park (San Diego, CA)

Date: October 2, 2023

Written by: Rome Thorpe


Action Bronson brought out the city of San Diego for his Dr.Bachlava and the Human Growth Hormone tour to the Observatory-North Park. The performance brought excitement to the many fans of his with a nearly sold out show. His incorporation of live instruments throughout his catalog of music in this show made it one that was very impressive and gave a whole different experience opposed to playing just the songs. Opening with songs including Dmitri and Mt.Etna quickly got people vocal and singing along. The choices made for the set design and outfits amongst him and the band correlates to his music in a sense of a chill, relaxed, and moody type of vibe that I thought tied well together. Lighting and effects were not overwhelming which allowed the audience to focus on him and the band and enjoy the experience of his music, personality, and energy he brought.


Throughout the show Bronson was very interactive with the crowd in between songs and getting their feedback on the upcoming songs he was playing. As a viewer in the crowd I noticed his audience consisted of people of all ages/demographics and could show that his impact on the music world tied with the longevity and numerous popular artists he’s collaborated with over the years makes his reach with his music amongst many. His recognizably heavy-Queens accent mixed with his rhythmic flows give the environment he’s performing in a head-bumping, relaxing, and energetic feel. A song that was highlighted personally for me was Bonzai. When this was played all people could do was watch and listen as it brought a wave of lyricism, soft beats, and raw emotion. Heading into the end of the set the venue became filled with applauds and “one more” chants. 


The experience of an Action Bronson show is one that is unique but not so surprising with popularity, given his raw talent of music making that he has been a part of building and influencing for the last 15 years. On his departure from the venue he was met by a group of fans waiting for him outside where he kindly went over to interact, sign autographs, and take pictures. He showed class and an appreciation for his fans that support him and his music while giving them his time to engage with the people that were waiting outside.


Lil Yachty

Venue: SOMA (San Diego, CA)

Date: October 17, 2023

Written by: Rome Thorpe

In a high-energy live performance by Lil Yachty including records such as Minnesota, Get

Dripped, and One Night; the atmosphere was electric, characterized by loud music and an

enthusiastic crowd. The venue was packed with people who were visibly excited, creating a

vibrant and energetic ambiance which soon formed mosh pits & crowd surfing fans. Lil Yachty's

stage presence was electrifying, and his show was marked by powerful vocals, dynamic beats,

and lively interactions with the audience. The combination of his energetic performance style,

the loud music, and the enthusiastic crowd made it an unforgettable experience, leaving fans

exhilarated and wanting more. As he wrapped up his set, the audience erupted into a heavy

ovation, showering him with loud cheers and applause. The enthusiasm and appreciation from

the crowd were clear, highlighting the impact of his performance. This moment of collective

celebration served as a testament to the energy and excitement that had filled the venue

throughout his show, leaving a lasting impression on everyone present.