The All-American Rejects Venue: Gallagher Square (San Diego, CA)Date: October 6, 2023Written by: Rome Thorpe

Opening up their set with Swing, Swing, the All-American Rejects brought tons of early-2000s nostalgiaen route to the heart of San Diego on their Wet Hot All-American Summer Tour, performing downtown at Gallagher Square-PETCO Park. Fans of all-ages came and embraced the emo-pop group with many

dressing as if it was the era of the band’s beginning, giving a blast-from-the-past feeling with what fashion once was during the Rejects upbringing. As the performance went on you could feel the energy of the crowd rise in anticipation for certain songs with familiarity of the opening hooks of hits including

Dirty Little Secret and Gives You Hell. 

The fans' unification gave a wholesome experience as the crowd moved in unison singing along throughout the night, screaming and yelling with excitement, feeding off of the energy of the band. The Rejects brought out the young teenager out of everyone in attendance and brought back a time period that felt like it was present even though it very much is from the past.

Nessa BarrettVenue: Observatory-North Park (San Diego, CA)Date: November 11, 2023Written by: Rome Thorpe

During Nessa Barrett's Church Club for the Lonely tour in San Diego, the young pop star

delivered a performance filled with both heartfelt emotion and vibrant energy. Kicking off the

show with the track "Madhouse," she immediately captivated the audience, igniting excitement

and prompting enthusiastic sing-alongs. The combination of her emotive delivery and the

energetic response from the crowd set the tone for a memorable night, showcasing Barrett's

ability to connect with her audience and create a dynamic live experience.

Her performance was not only musically captivating but visually striking as well, with her flashy

outfit complementing her high-energy movements on stage. The engagement with the crowd

reached a peak as she played breakthrough songs including "Die First" and "I Hope Ur Miserable

Until Ur Dead." Barrett's decision to get into the crowd further intensified the connection,

prompting fans in the front row to push forward, eager to engage with the artist up close.

The culmination of the show was marked by the rendition of her new single, "Club Heaven."

Barrett concluded the show with a resounding impact, leaving the audience in a state of

exhilaration. Despite the high energy of the performance, Barrett's soft-spoken words added a

layer of intimacy, creating a memorable and well-rounded experience for the enthusiastic crowd.

The combination of flashy visuals, energetic movements, and emotionally charged songs

showcased her versatility as a performer.

Sexyy RedVenue: The Wiltern Los Angeles, CA)Date: November 25, 2023Written by: Rome Thorpe

Sexyy Red brought out the city of Los Angeles to The Wiltern for the initial performance of her two consecutive back-to-back shows during her debut "Hood Hottest Princess Tour." The

audience filled the venue with singing and dancing to top songs including SkeeYee and Hellcats SRTs. 

Engaging closely with her fans, Sexyy Red brought some of them onstage to dance and compete. The crowd erupted when special guest artists including Kevin Gets, OhGeesy, and Ruby Rose joined her, elevating the already electrifying atmosphere following the dance-off. The sold out show brought every bit of energy, leaving with fans reciting songs following the performance.