Logan Schooley

The Anthem, Washington D.C.

October 27th, 2023

Reneé Rapp Performs for Her Biggest Crowd in Washington D.C.

Only two months after releasing her first full length album, Reneé Rapp’s 2023 “Snow Hard Feelings Tour” is in full swing. Her performance at the Anthem in Washington D.C. was nothing short of incredible. Her stage presence and interaction with fans were captivating, creating a memorable experience for every audience member. Her powerhouse voice lived up to every recording, leaving no doubt about her vocal prowess.

The opening acts proved to be more than just an introduction; they were a show in their own right. They set the bar high for the rest of the evening, leaving everyone in awe of their talent and infectious energy. TOWA began the night, and their performance was simply amazing. The band's enthusiasm was contagious, and it spread like wildfire throughout the venue. Main vocalist Towa enchanted the audience and created a connection with the listeners. Even audience members who might not have known the band before the show found themselves dancing along to the rhythm and melody.

Alexander 23 took the stage next after a brief intermission. The atmosphere was mellow to start, but the passion exuded by the band was nothing short of mesmerizing. The trio, with a multi-talented pianist/bassist and a drummer who was nothing short of crazy fun, created a musical experience that was both emotionally charged and entertaining. The chemistry among the band members was undeniable. They played off each other's energy, weaving a tapestry of sound that was both harmonious and spellbinding. Alexander, the main singer, was not only a vocalist but also a charming showman. He effortlessly captivated the crowd, and by the fourth song, concertgoers were enthusiastically singing along, making the evening feel like a collective musical journey. The audience even held up signs during the show, one of which humorously pointed out the drummer, Tyler's, resemblance to Chris Evans, drawing smiles and laughter from both the band and the audience. There were also clever references to Reneé throughout the set, adding a personal touch to the performance.

The audience came decked out in Halloween costumes, setting the stage for a night of fun and excitement. Before the show even started, the crowd was singing along to the pre-show songs, with Taylor Swift's tunes taking center stage. When "Cruel Summer" began playing throughout the packed venue it earned her an eruption of screams and cheers- a bright sign for the energy of the evening.

What truly made the night special was the numerous signs held by the audience, which Reneé interacted with throughout the performance. There were also several audience call-backs throughout the show, most notably the melodic “fuck you” chant during her song “Poison Poison.” These interactions, along with casual conversations with fans, created an intimate vibe that made everyone feel like part of the show. It didn't matter where you were in the venue; even those at the back found themselves raising their arms and singing passionately.

The show featured a solid backing band that expertly complemented the vocals without ever overpowering them. Some band members couldn't resist singing along with the lyrics from time to time, a testament to the catchy tunes on display. The band operated as a cohesive unit, working in harmony to support Reneé's performance. It was clear that they had a strong rapport, and their chemistry with Rapp was evident throughout the show. The collaboration between Reneé and her band made for an enjoyable and well-balanced performance.

he show was a whirlwind that seemed to breeze by, thanks to frequent fan interaction and a dynamic performance. With a concise set of 17 songs, Reneé and her band managed to keep the show moving swiftly, taking only short breaks every few songs. The unique concept of the set list, progressing through the seasons from spring to winter, added an extra layer of artistry to the performance. It felt like a journey through the changing landscapes of the year, each song bringing a different mood and atmosphere. Reneé's winter-themed encore, "Snow Angel," was a fitting and beautiful conclusion to this musical odyssey.

Renee Rapp