Copernicus Center-Chicago, IL October 17th

Photography & Review: Christina Cortez

Yahritza Y Su Esencia: The New Selena Y Los Denos


recently had the privilege of witnessing a performance by the sibling trio here in the great cityof Chicago. They did disappoint as they walked out onto the stage in the dark, you heard,”Yahritza.....Yahritza.....Yahritza”. The lights came on and the crowd cheered.


 As they wererevealed from under the darkness Yahritza the youngest member of the trio joined by herbrothers Armando and Jairo Martinez along with musician Alex Suarez.These young adults from Yakima Valley, Washington are no joke when it comes to their regionalmexican music, a personal favorite of mine. They’re second EP was recently released onSeptember 8th, Obsessed Pt. 2.


The Ep included songs in collaborations with Ivan Cornejo andGrupo Frontera. A few songs to check out are Dos Extraños, Inseperables and Frágil.Overall, I have nothing but pure mexican-american faith in the sibling trio to bring us moreregional mexican music, as they are taking us by storm here in the states. Check out somephotos from the concert.

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Aragon Ballroom-Chicago, IL


Lil Yachty takes the stage at the Aragon Ballroom with unbridled energy and infectious vibes

As the lights dimmed and the crowd’s long anticipation reached its peak, the stage ignited slowly with vibrant colors when the young rapper took the stage. The atmosphere was charged with an electric fervor, and from the first beat, it was clear that this was going to be a night to remember.

I loved how he started with the song drive ME crazy! A soft duet that highlighted not only himself but his band as well. He took a moment to introduce them one by one.

Lil Yatchty brought a blend of old and new hits, delivering nothing short, the audience was on their feet, swaying and sining along to to every lyric. The energy in the room was smooth and happy, turning into a wave of movement. Fans happyas ever to be present and witness they’re

favorite performer. The production was a visual spectacle, with a meticulously curated light show that pulsated through colors such as red, green, blue, purple, and yellow.

In essence, Lil Yachty’s performance was a testament to his music as an artist, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of everyone in attendance. I did notice what a wide range of diverse individuals , he brought together under one roof. The night was filled with

unforgettable moments, catchy tunes, and a sense of unity that made the concert one to remember.

Ivan Cornejo : Cornejo fans pack the Aragon Ballroom to the gils

Christina Cortez

Ivan took the stage at the Aragon Ballroom his vocals prowess was immediately evident as he took the stage, effortlessly navigating the intricate melodies of his songs. His voice, rich with emotion and authenticity, carried the essence of regional mexican music, creating an atmosphere that transported the audience to the heart of true emotions. His fan base is far from

meek, everyone sang along to every single song,you could truly hear everyones passion behind the lyrics. Ivan was also joined with by three guitarists including his relative Alejandro

Cornejo.They added to the songs with an extra layer of authenticity.

Beyond the music, Ivan’s stage presence and engagement with the audience were noteworthy.

His interactions between songs offered glimpses into the stories behind the music, creating a

sense of enthusiasm for the fans. As he closed the show he said, “Muchas gracias Chicago, tu

terapia es terminado ”. The fans chanted as they did not want his to leave. So he came back out

and sang another five songs, including classics like Hey there Deliah by the Plain White T’s and

We Belong Together by Ritchie Valens.