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Debbie Sue Goodman


Imani Kaliid

ILIANA (FISCHER) is Puertorican and German; and, a former Playboy playmate who has just released her second album called “Fuego”, on all major online stores and platforms via Sony Distribution. The songs, which she wrote herself, are in Spanish and English,with styles that are relevant with today’s heavy beat trap, rap, hip hop, reggaeton and Latin club sounds.


Iliana just finished filming two music videos to support the album, that will soon be released via Sony distribution as well. More magazine articles, covers and even larger placements for her music and music videos are in the works. Iliana is accomplishing all this recent greatness as an unsigned and independent artist. One can just imagine what a future signed to a major label would be like for this stylish, unique and brightly shining star!  Fun fact: Iliana had taken on a rapper name: “Powder”, after the film about an albino who had supernatural powers 






Joyce is a member of SAG-AFTRA.  She is a versatile on camera and voice-over artist who was born in Chicago. She studied dance and singing as a child, but switched her focus to acting at the University of Illinois at Champaign. She received an M.A. in Theater from Northwestern University and spent many years teaching theater, humanities and film at Moraine Valley Community College in Palos Hills, Illinois. While there she co-founded the theatre program, created the film program and directed 30 plays. She also continued to act in local theaters. She accepted an early retirement offer to focus on a professional acting career.

  Joyce has performed in numerous independent films and plays as well as several TV shows and commercials. She has also done voice overs and audio-books. She is adept at both comedy and drama and good at many dialects. While based in Chicago, she has also worked in Los Angeles, Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri and Iowa.



Donna D’Urbano starts her career in show business very early in her life. She made her first steps at singing on Belgrano Broadcasting (one of the most popular radios in Buenos Aires, Argentina). She worked on many TV shows, soap operas and commercials. She also perfomed in several plays as part of the independent theatre, sharing stage with very famous actors and actresses like the Spanish icon, Carmen Sevilla or locals, Gerardo Romano and Katja Alemann. She took part in some of the most popular TV shows like “Sabados de la Bondad”, “Teve Tour” or soap operas like “La Viuda Blanca” or “Duro como la Roca, Fragil como elcristal”. She sung together with Katja Alemann on “Puma y Espuma” at the opening of the legendary disco “Cemento”, THE Rock and Roll disco in Buenos Aires. Donna shared stage with Esteban Mellino, a great Argentinian actor. She performed different plays and shows on many theaters and on very important events at the Argentinian Congress or Ricardo Rojas Cultural Centre among others. She studied singing and phoniatrics with Dr Jatzkevich. She also took vocalization classes with Oscar Amilcar Ariganello and Eduardo Alvarez, a greatp iano teacher.  

This days she is taking popular and lyric singing classes with Liliana Lecuona, She has an outstanding versatile voice. That’s why she feels at ease singing different styles like blues, rock and roll, jazz, bossa nova, tango and ballads; or in different languages like Spanish, English, Italian or French. Nowadays she sings as solist with the best musicians of Argentina. She also teaches different courses like singing, singing therapy, stage expression and reading. She performs her shows at many important pubs or at private parties or events. She is coming back to the USA as part of the worldwide event Earthday Brasil as an Argetinian music ambassador. She was a Director and conductor of the program "Sex Doll" a program of general interest and reports, taking a differents point of views on women today, on chanel 29 of TV. Digital.In the years 2017 she receives the award for her carrer of the "LION 2017" awarded for the digital television chanel 29 of TV. REBEL. In 2018 she received the 2018 "Talent Award" with contribution to culture in the Avellaneda City, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She currently, perform as a Solo singer,working with differente sessional musicians for special events,weddings, bars, teathres, and Cultural Events. Her versatility allows her,to sing in 5 languages, and perform differents styles, including Tango,blues, rock and roll,latin,melodic, and internationals songs. 






Cinthia Richardson

Hey every I’m Lilcent ,I’m an up coming independent rapper from ms , working on my new album calledwelcome to my nightmareI’m a song writerBeen doing this for 8 yearsLove to take selfieLove to write music I hope you enjoy my music you welcome to do a featuredon’t forget to wear urmask 

Instagram Lilcent_aka_wcshit

 audiomack- https://audiomack.com/lilcent_aka

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Professional Actress & NAACP Theatre Awards Nominee

Erica Pitts is a hardworking professional who sees no boundaries and she inspires all those around her in kind. Erica is exemplary in her craft and has a real world approach to the Industry while managing to accomplish each project with an engaging and refreshingly intelligent sense of humor. She has performed in several plays and has been nominated for two NAACP Theatre Awards. Erica has starred and co-starred in several episodic's, independent films, print ads and commercials. Erica is a talented and versatile actress. She has produced shows on public access through Time Warner Cable such as How I Got Saved! and Listen Up: I've got a Testimony! Erica has a Master's in Psychology and a BA in Theatre and English.

Gogo Vagena


She sings in Greek , English and French

Gogo Vagena

Gogo Vagena

Stylist & Fashion Model
My name is Takiyah Pittman. Born and raised in Orlando Florida. My passion has always been fashion and modeling. I grew up watching America’s Next Top Model and Project Runaway all the way from the first seasons. Since then, it’s been my life! The poses naturally come to me and the clothing ideas naturally comes to me. I move into a whole different universe when these two careers come into play.At first it was just a hobby, as time went on it became something serious. It became a career that I love dearly. It became second skin for me! I wouldn’t know where I would be without them.People would ask me all the time to style them or show my designs. So I decided to create an online portfolio of my designs and stylist skills on Instagram. I show daily styles for many women and because my body type is curvy and not perfect. I took it upon myself to post body positivity. To share with the world that you don’t need to have a perfect body in order to have style or swag. To always love your body in every form!

Ndspotlight aka Brittany Rogers

songwriter, rapper, dancer, and model

So Ndspotlight wasn't always called Ndspotlight. Her stage name came to be, because of her life struggles...... She was able to accomplish many things to this point ,2022. 

She was born in Houston, Texas on March 17, 1989, on St Patrick's Day.  Brittany Chantil Rogers was in a car accident with her oldest brother on the way to Atlanta Georgia to see here baby niece .... They crashed in Alabama Brittany was rushed to the nearest hospital and was in accoma for 6 months .... She had to learn to do everything over..  Soon or later she graduated at Houston Can Academy (hobby) in 2007, she walked across stage and received a high school diploma. She started her songwriting and music career in 2005...... Starting at her sister house 8411 Grandview she completed her first two songs Calling Me and A Real Man on her mixtape.. Her mixtape was called "Calling Me" family and friends loved it..... At this time she was promoting for Supaunit, this was November 2013..... The one memory she remembers, was a night she had to meet with the promoting crew by the southwest freeway of Houston. At the hotel  whole crew departed to go to club Fetish , we was in a curvey line going up to the top floor where we mingled . The special guest was Webbie and Supaunit management.... After that Ndspotlight was independent....... She met up with Jammin Jayy and formed the group Jammin Ndspotlight. June  2013 Jammin Ndspotlight was popping they made  Ten songs together and performed a few songs at Avani's Lounge by the southwest freeway.... As time passes Ndspotlight went solo again due to stalking and depression. She finally made new music on November 2021. She performed at Expresses Executive Lounge on November 22,2021 and landed here next gig at Club Juicey December 4 2022. She has a video of the on YouTube  https://youtu.be/HrLh7bIhqZQhttps://youtu.be/p36NtKZ4sc4        All that time she was signed to Discovery Spotlight for their August 2022 roster, to deliver a runway walk, a monologue video , a commercial video, personality , dance, rap, or singing video..... So to be a star Ndspotlight is currently looking for acting gigs , concerts, events and shows to perform at.... All is good, she's in Houston Tx doing big things and trying to further her career.... If you would like to contact her :

I want to give thanks to my mother Dorothy Young for raising me the best way she could... I have a nice life tho then and now..... I want to thank the photographer who took my photos Christopher Leslie..... Also my producer OG Skulley of Skulley Nation - Joe Skulley.......