About Me

I and My Alters are the every woman of music. We sing, play piano, write lyrics, produce our own beats and videos, rap, create/creating our own anime and love doing all of it! I’m also a registered veterinary nurse (so I’m a nurse for animals! Looove them all!!! Specialty is surgery and exotics) I am also an administrator for NAVN (not another vet nurse) who helps those in the veterinary profession with mental health! I love my fans! New and the always been there's ;)

I try my best to keep up with interacting with my fans because y'all are the ones that keep me going! Some type of music you want to hear? Let me know! Keep listening out for me!

Dissonus Music Records

Dissonus Music Records, is a company that was created and is owned by Symphony. With her company, Symphony produces her own music, creates her own music videos, is in a working process of her own anime series, and much more! Symphony is very versatile and is hoping to meet new people or someday collab with other artists.

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Symphony HJ