MystiQ the Mysterious

Why the Mask?


Think about the mask for a second? what does it represent to you?

In this day and age the entire human population wears a mask - we all have two faces. We all have

two sides (A dark side and a good side). In most cases we wear a mask to cover up our dark side.

People who are angry, sad or in pain, wears a mask to hide behind a smile. Abusers wears a mask to

hide the monstrous side with that of a kind and loving one. Behind the mask you can be pretty much

anybody you want to be , and you can do pretty much anything you want to do and nobody will

know it’s you, but behind closed doors and curtain falls that mask falls off and you become the real

you again. Sometimes when people suddenly change, it's not an actual change but just the mask that

falls off.

MystiQ the Mysterious - The Why and what in the name:What benefits does this name hold? Your appearance and name in the music world is very important. Thus choosing something thatstands out in a crowd a plus. The name MystiQ the mysterious- literally spells out mystery, thereforpublic will be intrigued and will want to see what the mask is all about - publicity increase hence aprospective for the future. Keep fans interested, never revealing too much - leaving something forguessing - leaving fans coming back for more. 

Masks and matching outfits thus will be a must to havefor all show biz occasions - keeping people curious about the woman behind the masks.How to make the Masked outfits work for the future of this project?

1. Having masked competitions or games with fans and crowds - a good idea to keep fansintrigued1. Use different styles different masks for different occasions (different songs) - keeping peopleguessing the new masked character (the emotions, the feeling, the description it gives to fans)2. Masked bowls - with secret messages and hints (in songs) to find throughout show - winnergets a mystery price.1. Same mask guessing games - find the person behind the mask without removing mask.

My name is Sonneke Duvenhage AKA MystiQ the Mysterious.I'm an open-minded and creative person. Im a prolific writer, starter singer songwriter andentrepreneur. I write all my own songs but prefer to work with artists and producers as I havevery bad photophobia, and scared of the record button. I would really love to collaborate withartists like you to get my music heard and so be able to help those in need. My dream is tohave my own studio / label - not any studio.... the ultimate all arts studio, an Academy of artswhere the less fortunate and under privilege people with talent will also have a chance toshine. I believe that each and every soul deserves to fly, so if I can safe one soul at a time itmakes all my years of struggle and climbing worth it. My journey was long and hard. Mystiqwas born when I was at rock bottom, and I learned so many things - so with my knowledge Im now a motivational speaker as well as healer and with music as medicine for the soul. Ihave big dreams and I believe that MystiQ will fly high.