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Fighir Vincent

 Child of the Havre suburbs, port city; 4th in the world, a city in France with a number of 170k inhabitants, also known for its famous football club since it was the first French club to be born (1872) .Fighir vincent grew up learning to listen to the music of his parents (alternative rock mainly jazz and gypsy music (GENESIS, PINK FLOYD, DEEP PURPLE, ACDC, ZZ TOP, MILLES DAVIS, LES GIPSYKING etc) these styles cradle his childhood and adolescence, entering college, then played instruments to read a part to write on a tablature played the piano then percussion and guitar. In his bedroom, alternative rock and hip hop RAP ET RAGGAE (NTM, I AM, CYPRESS HILL, WILL SMITH, BIB MARLEY, JIMMY CLIF, and many more) resonate between the walls shared with his younger brother. Hip Hop and urban culture take a part of his attention as he ages and as French music evolves. Leaves the family environment at the age of 18, settles 30 kilometers from his hometown, and begins to compose and write while scratching his second guitar which has been hit if he himself bought, he also discovers many styles. and group at the municipal media library of this city tel BLUES, AFRICAN INFLUENCES, REGGAE RAGA and other styles) then comes to him the desire to persevere .. participates in training courses on the learning of computer music (Music Assisted by Computers by The beatMaker Dicé and Général of the label Din Record). of the MASTERCLASS organized by professionals of the intermittence and by confirmed and professional artist.

he contacts the municipality then begins the rehearsals; with his cautch. And comes the first concert; then the second and so on .. in parallel FiGHiR faces several personal events that make him grow, and a National Slam competition presents himself to him in PARIS, FRANCE where he finished in the first 30 out of an incalculable number of participants .. then engages on French clandestine tour for two years where he performs back and forth between his home and the different cities where he will express himself on stage in this discipline which is the SLAM, in open scenes of the openmicks of the first parties and of the street freestyles and improvised scenes, himself organized some event including the last one in VILLEJUIF in Paris. The more he travels, the more he meets people from all kinds of backgrounds, from all social types ... also meets more and more recognized artists. Most of them in Le Havre and Paris. His first single recorded in the famous studio of the DIN RECORD label in collaboration with the municipality, then other projects will also see the light of day and always in these same studio with the same beatmaker as the artists of the DR label: BRAV ', Medine, Tiers World, Alivor, Oumar, And Francis. Who We have the same ideas the same hip hop culture. Then shares a project on a current Rap compilation released in July 2014; his single "LES WORDS LES VALEURS D'UN HOMME" happens to be the most shared on Spotify of all these titles at the moment.